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Curiouser and curiouser!

I’m very surprised (and happy) this blog is already getting traffic and comments without any good posts or pictures being up yet.

My hope is to shoot more apron fetish pictures and videos featuring myself, my girlfriend and perhaps other friends and share them with you here.

I love the comments and questions so keep them coming; you’re giving me more to write about and more motivation – thank you! 🙂



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    • Hi Paul – I’m not sure if you’re asking what a fetish is (and how aprons and/or apron-wearing can be one) OR what it is specifically about aprons and apron-wearing that makes them sexually exciting. I hope you check back when we have the site operational!

      • Hi Trixie! I have a serious apron fetish ever since I was a kid, especially wearing them or seeing women in them nude or semi nude. I love full aprons the most, waist aprons don’t do it for me as much. I like plastic/pvc and latex/rubber aprons most, but even your plain chef or kitchen style apron is sexy to me. I prefer them plain, but cuter more housewifey and frilly ones are also sexy. My favorite kind are transparent or semi transparent plastic, mid thigh, kneelength, or even longer, and any color for latex ones. I think rubber household gloves go real well with them, as do corsets, heels, plastic or latex panties, or rubber rain boots. I like all that other stuff, but they are just accessories that make the apron more exciting.

        I also like uniforms that have aprons especially waitresses and maids.

        So Trixie, what do -you- like as far as aprons?

        • I definitely like anachronistic aprons – the old-fashioned housewife lifestyle types – not so much recreations of that, but genuine antiques (I too am fond of sheer fabrics which I find especially compelling in vintage aprons; like, why so sexy with all of that repressed sexuality?).

          I also have a serious fetish revolving around men’s Masonic aprons.

          I could wax on and on, but that’s a good start.

  1. I’m very pleased to hear you’re planning apron fetish pictures of yourself and your girlfriend Trixie. I wish I was brave enough to give you some pictures of myself. But I’m not. What I can do is give you erotic fiction of mine to post, apron fetish stories of course! I’d love to talk to you more about helping out with the blog in that way. So, perhaps we can talk on AIM or Skype? I assume you can see my email as the blog owner, so shoot me an email if you’re interested and we can exchange skype or IM info.

  2. Hi again Trixie. I’m working on some new apron fetish stories and going through old ones for your blog but I really need an email or something to send them in to you. It’d give you some content to post and I’m happy to do it. Also, are there any specific requests you have for scenarios, situations, scenes, characters, story outlines, types of aprons/costumes, or basically any story element you’d like to see included? I’d love to tailor some stories to things you’d like to see and wouldn’t mind if your blog readers also gave story ideas or specific story requests. I enjoy writing apron fetish erotica and would love to be a part of the blog!

  3. Shame, I too am into aprons, pinafores, tabards and all things related to female work wear and would love to seen this site working. But one post since June?

    If this is still active, drop me a line and we can swap ideas/stories. Somehow I don’t expect a reply any time soon.

  4. I still look forward to spending time fleshing out this site! Unfortunately I have a lot of other projects that are taking priority. My main site is where I blog, post candid daily nudie pics and have a members-only area.

    For an idea of all the other ideas and interests I have vying for my attention, there’s a partial list on my hub,

    Thanks for posting comments – it’s a nice reminder people are interested (except for the guilt trip remarks . . . that just makes me feel bad and taken for granted rather than motivated).

  5. i have a huge apron fetish. Half aprons are the best. Finding mummy’s apron drawer was like finding the pot of gold.

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